Regimens for chronic infection Gt 2 HCV

The IFN-free treatment regimen for HCV Gt 2 available for prescription under the PBS is sofosbuvir plus ribavirin for 12 weeks (Table 4). This regimen is highly effective in people with no cirrhosis, with overall cure rates of 90%–95%.47-50 The optimal treatment duration for people with cirrhosis remains unclear, with current evidence suggesting treatment extension to at least 16 weeks may increase SVR rates. Evidence for this comes from data for treatment-experienced people with Gt 2 HCV and cirrhosis, in whom treatment extension from 12 to 16 weeks improved SVR rates from 60% to 78%.48 A subsequent study in the same population demonstrated a non-significant trend for higher SVR rates with treatment extension to 24 weeks (16 v 24 weeks: SVR, 87% v 100%).50 However, although extending treatment duration to 24 weeks in people with cirrhosis may increase SVR rates, treatment duration for longer than 12 weeks is not currently available under the PBS. Treatment is well tolerated, with the adverse event profile typical for ribavirin. here

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